Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blog to Blog

I often spend some quiet moments just reading various blogs online.  This usually occurs between 4am and 6am in the morning.  Yesterday.... I was up at 3:15 am!  woo hoo extra reading time! and so with a coffee in hand I began to read and hopped around from blog to blog.  

First of all... Huge News over at the Ranger blog.  Then there's Tim... love this man's work and his blog, I'm  determined to get him to Vancouver to teach, no response to my request(s) yet and NO I'm not stalking him!!

From there I end up at Suze's blog and often she has some interesting things going on and I went from there to a link she had for Twisted Papers.  Then I hopped over to Ingrid's to check out what was happening there.  

And it just went on and on.... my bookmarks are categorized appropriately for all the various types of blogs I read, I have to select a category and stick with it, otherwise I'm all over the place... travel, photography, friends, family, scrapbooking, crafts,  OMG.... it's never ending and time is ticking away.  I haven't even begun to read my friend's blogs at this stage of the day.

Time just disappears in the world of blogging, blog reading, blog commenting, blog hopping........ before you know it, the little "beep beep" goes off on my watch alarm.... it's 6:30am, time for more coffee and to leave the land of blog to start my day in the real world.

How long do you spend in the land of blog?

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laterg8r said...

i usually spend about a half an hour a day (sometimes more) but it's usually in 10 min increments LOL (then the girls NEEEED something and I have to go) :D