Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ponderosa Pine vs. Garden

The first Sunday of our vacation there was a wild wind storm in the evening, we battened down the hatches, scurried inside the house and watched a DVD.  Nightie night.

On Monday morning it was overcast, slight breeze blowing and a chill in the air (this was the coolest day we had the entire holiday!)  I noticed that there was a great deal of Cotton Wood tree debris spread across the back yard, so I proceeded out back with the intention of just clearing away the debris from the yard. 

Well to my shock as I rounded the corner... a neighbours' Ponderosa Pine tree had snapped off, it came crashing down through another yard (squwashing their fence) and brought down with it several large boughs and branches of a neighbouring Cotton Wood tree.... right smack across our fence, into one of the vegetable gardens and created one heck of a mess!  

Thankfully, the little pool house and garden shed were not hit, that would have been a disaster. A friend came over with a chain saw to help remove the larger tree bough.

So here are some photos of our adventures in clearing trees after they've blown down.


Shell said...

i hope the veges did not get squashed and lucky it did not come down on any of you!!

Hayley G said...

hmmmm... not quite as relaxing as a gentle breeze! Looks like you had a great time other than that.

laterg8r said...

oh my - so glad you had a chainsaw :D