Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Overdue Visit

I recently went to visit my brother and his family in Victoria.  A long overdue visit!! I haven't seen them in months and I really enjoyed my visit, as usual, way too short. I was amazed at how much the children had grown.  

Kate taught me two new games, Zingo and The Washing Machine Game and I read about 10 books to her in one afternoon!  She loves her books.

Ben is crawling, he'll be walking before you know it! he's such a sweet little boy.

I met Quigley the cat that they rescued from a shelter recently, he was in bad shape when they got him, but he's tip top now and such a lovely cuddly cat,  he's great with the kids and is friends with Tia the family dog.  

We had a birthday cake too!  Kate loves birthdays....any excuse for a party, cake and a chance to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles.... no it wasn't any one's actual birthday, but Kate and my SIL Kerry went to alot of trouble to make me a chocolate cake with raspberries and whip cream in the middle and they even frosted it too.... it ended up being my 00 1/2 birthday.  Kate made sure to sing "Happy Birthday" twice and she blew out the candles twice.  We even wore party hats!

We had an adventure with Kate at her favorite park and then warmed up with a yummy hot chocolate.

A really great visit and as I said before, too short!


Jo said...

wow, Kate is really growing up! she looks adorable and so does Ben!

laterg8r said...

such cutie patooties :D

love the pic in your header izzy, did you take that???

Sue said...

Adorable...sounds like a fun weekend Happy 00.5 birthday!!! The cat is adorable...what a lucky kitty!