Saturday, March 05, 2011

Since my last post....

I had a wonderful time with Jo last Friday, we had a good visit catching up on all the news and I created a few cards.  Here's a little fairy card.
Then I headed over to Diane's for dinner and to learn how to play Bunco.  First off... I was totally surprised that 12 people were needed to play the game! I had no pre-conception about this game, didn't do any research just went with the flow.  Diane had told me if I could roll dice I could play the game! LOL  okay.... 12 women, wine/beer, dice, flying bear (another story), screams, shouts and laughter.... this was a fun night.  It's no wonder Elvino and Michael left the house! (JK, Michael had a basketball game so they were out for a bit, but let me tell you, if this was going on at my place, DH would be running for the hills!)  Being the virgin Bunco player I followed Diane's instructions to the letter and guess what? I won two prizes.... a lovely bath set for having the Bunco Bear at the end of the game and I won the $$$ for having the most Bunco's at the end of the game.  Somehow my hot dice rolling hands pulled off 6 Bunco's.  Check out the link to the Bunco info on Wikipedia.

On Saturday I headed to the all day crop - the snow flurries had started to drift down from the heavens around 9am, nothing big, nothing sticking to the ground.  I had a nice visit with all the ladies that came out for the day and started a one page layout, I'm almost done, just have to add a photo and title to the layout.  That's all I got done!  I was too busy visiting and I left early (2pm) the snow was coming down harder and I had a long drive back into the city.

I've been enjoying visiting the SOS girls and I had a card featured as the LOTD!  That's the scrapbooking side of my world.

Now onto the music side of my world.  The Vancouver Music Festival Workshop started on Monday and goes until March 12th.  I worked hard putting the program and adjudication sheets together the previous week and popped in on Monday to make sure the adjudicators had what they needed.  I'll be stopping by again.

On Wednesday I hosted the Vancouver Women's Music Society executive board meeting at my place and we had alot of ground to cover.  Today is our piano scholarship competition - I'm volunteering between noon and 4:30 today.  At the end of the day the adjudicators will have selected three shining stars to receive our scholarship to help further their musical endeavors.  They will also perform for the VWMS next year in our program.

It's also the last big push for our fundraising event on Sunday March 13th at 7:30pm - Avan Yu is performing.  Join us for wine, punch, and canapés in the recital hall at 6:45 p.m. We will be featuring exciting prize draws and with an opportunity to meet and greet the artist following the recital. Contact me if you're interested, I still have a few tickets left!  I received a few "action items" out of the meeting so I've tackled those this week too.

Our next concert for the VWMS is ...
March 16, 2011 - CLINTON DENONI, piano
Bursary Winner 2010
Clinton Denoni began studying piano at the age of four and, at seven, was awarded a bursary for the most promising performer in the Coquitlam Festival. He won the same award in the Chilliwack Festival the next year. In 2001, Clinton received First Class Honours on his Grade 10 piano examination and began teaching piano. He also won a scholarship for the most outstanding performance and highest combined marks at the Abbotsford Festival. This scholarship enabled him to begin his studies under Edward Parker, whom he considers to be his mentor and inspiration.
Clinton represented Chilliwack at the BC Festival of Performing Arts three times, once being chosen as runner-up and more recently winning in the Canadian composers' class. In June 2007, he received First Class Honours with Distinction at his ARCT Performers' examination. In 2007 and 2009, Clinton was a featured soloist with the Chilliwack Symphony.
Clinton currently studies with May Ling Kwok at the University of Victoria and is working towards his BMus.

So that's it... my week in a nutshell! and OMG! can you believe that we're changing the clocks next weekend.... already! where the heck does the time go?

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