Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Someone else may think something is junk, but it in some cases, it really is a scrapbookers' treasure.  

For instance, last week I had lunch with my DH, there are shops below his offices, one of which is a cigar shop.  When I strolled past, there was a little table set up with a sign "free" and a bunch of wooden cigar boxes.  

Oh the altered ideas that came to mind and my friend Jo instantly popped into my head.  I took a photo with my phone of the stand and emailed her..... oh yeah baby she was interested! 

So I snagged a couple for her and a couple for me.  Next time I'm in Yaletown, I'll be stopping by to see if there are more cigar boxes.... if you'd like one or two let me know.

What sort of treasures have you found lately?


Anonymous said...

Yes please I would love a few :-) Great seeing you last night.


Jo said...

thanks so much again Izzy ... i enjoyed all of my delights!!! and you know i'm down for more cigar boxes ... i think i will make stationary sets for Christmas prezzies with them ... oh and i want to make a jewellery box for me!!!

Kathy said...

Oh YES please! Love these! So many possibilities! Thanks Izzy!

Mrs. Nicol said...

yes yes oh yes please - next time you can that would be so awsome!!!

Sue said...

I remember picking up a few in an old cigar store in Boston once. I seem to remember that the guy or someone said to put crumpled newpapers into them to get the smell out.