Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Not ignoring my blog....

I had full intentions of posting something but then got distracted... yeah that happens -  kind of like when you get up and go to a room to do or get something and when you get there, you completely forgot what you went to the room know this has happened to you!

Ian was in Vancouver (very briefly!)...Ian lives in Sidney Australia and was working in New York for a couple of weeks and decided to "pop up" to Vancouver for a visit.  His last visit was April 2003 for a friend's surprise 40th bday party.....where in the world did 8 years go?! 

Went to Usher on the 25th.... Erica got tickets for her birthday so off we went to see the concert.  Akon opened the show.  It was a really fun concert!  Here's Erica ready to roll.....

I have a few (not so good) photos on my phone....still have to download those :)

I've been busy wrapping up the end of the 2010-2011 season of the Vancouver Women's Music Society.  We're busy getting the program ready for 2011-2012 season which starts in September and making the gently transfers of jobs within the Executive Board.  Our final concert and luncheon for the season is on June 8th, so I'm off later this morning for a meeting of the executive members, it's my last meeting as Vice President and Membership Chair....I'm moving up to President starting July 1st.

We have hockey fever in the house and all around town....if you live in Vancouver you know what I'm talking about! It's crazy and game 1 of the Stanley Cup final starts at 5pm tonight.  Can you guess what I'm doing tonight? LOL

Doing some (but not alot) of scrappin'. Here's a card I did for a swap.  I have to take some more photos of some other things I've done...just haven't got around to that yet either!

It's June and I'm still waiting for some sort of decent weather....I'm tired of the cool, rainy weather and those teaser days....well, that's just not going to cut it for me.   I want more sunshine, some warmth and for a really long stretch of time!  It's been the worst spring in 50 years! and I've had enough!!! Let's get into summer already.

Most of my friends know this already but the big breaking family news is that my brother, SIL and the kids are moving to Halifax NS in mid July.  The official announcement was made this week in NS and my brother broke the news to his staff in Victoria.  He's accepted a position as Deputy Minster for Social Services in Nova Scotia.  Their house went on the market on Tuesday, had an open house on the weekend and got an offer on Sunday afternoon.  So they're off to Halifax again later this week on a house hunting trip.  I'll be planning a trip over to Victoria when they return so that I can spoil the kids and take 100's of photos of the family!

So that's about all folks....for now.


Shell said...

I am sorry but POOP on your Canucks ;-)
- they stole our (Sharks) chance... ***sob

Shelley Moore said...

unfortunately I don't know much about hockey... but I say POOP on Shell, LOL!!! :P

Miss you Izzy - love ya!

Jo said...

You are the busy girl! sun is coming!

laterg8r said...

super busy lady these days, but sounds like fun :D

i have my fingers crossed for more sun soon :D