Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This and that....

Win or lose the hockey season officially ends tonight for the Canucks!  Go Canucks Go! Let's hope they win the Stanley Cup!  I've been on the edge of my seat for most games, it's nerve racking I tell ya!

I've been busy with many social activities as well as watching the hockey playoffs.

I went to see Wicked with Ann, Helen, Louise and Diane R. ....and it was "Wicked"! loved it !
I saw/heard the Universal Gospel Choir with my friend Sue C. and her family! it was a lovely evening!
Scrapbooking with the Scrapaholics club in Burnaby.  Fun! and I actually got a fair bit of my own stuff done.

It's a year ago today that my dear friend Charles passed away, I miss him!
Erica is growing up so fast! tomorrow is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Erica!
Update on my brother...they sold their house in Victoria, bought a house in Halifax and are getting all their duckies in a row ready to move back east.  He officially starts July 18th,  that's only a month away!!
I'm heading over to Vancouver Island this weekend to visit mom and dad for Father's Day, haven't been over there since Dad's birthday in February!! OMG!

So that's it for now in a nut shell....


Sue C said...

Have a great weekend with your family.
I can't believe Charles has been gone a year already :(
Take care.

Jo said...

Have a wonderful weekend Izzy ... and go canucks go!!!