Monday, July 04, 2011

Photos - Mini Update

I've been kicking around and finally enjoying some summer like weather.  What have I been up to lately?

I went to Qualicum Beach to visit my parents we had a great visit.  Mom & I went to Coombs Market one day - love the goats on the roof and the shops are so much fun to poke around in.  All kinds of treasures to be had!  On another day, Mom & I also hit the antique shops in QB (all two of them!) but I just love rummaging around these places, stirring up the dust, digging deep to find something unique.
The Show n' Shine antique car show was taking place as well...QB had an evening of music and dancing in the streets - mom, dad, and I went up to participate! Fun!!
It was a great visit, some strolls around QB - shopping - dancing - cooking - eating - visiting etc.
Mom's latest creation... an adorable bear made with Irish linen needs a name!  any suggestions?

Sue F. invited me to a book reading at her home!  Her friend Mariam Kobras from Germany is having her first book published.  Mariam read two chapters from her book "The Distant Shore" and we had a great evening!

DH, Ann, Rob and I went to Valdes last Thursday and we got home last night.... pure bliss! amazing weather and lots of fun!.... and that's it in a nutshell for now. 

I'll be heading to Victoria later this week....keep you posted!


Jo said...

You finally updated! wow, lots of travel and fun!

Mrs. Nicol said...

I suggest - stewy for the name of the bear. like Irish Stew. get it.. lol

Sue in Canada said...

Lacey for the bear :-) It is adorable!
Looks like a fun week! Mariam is still touring but her book is available to pre-order now on Amazon. She is so excited! Thanks fro coming out!