Friday, September 02, 2011

Back from the Isle of Sylt

Ingrid, Andrea and I just spent a wonderful week on the Isle of Sylt.  We rode bikes all over and walked for miles.  It is such an amazing place, no car needed once you get there.  We had every type of weather imaginable....amazing sunshine, wind that was strong enough to let you fly away and some freakish thunder and lighting storms at night.
We are now back in Grossenaspe, getting back to normal and doing skads of laundry and household chores.  I'm picking plums and apples like crazy from the back 40.....I will be baking later today and the rest we will have to make preserves with.  There's just too much out in the fields to keep up.
All the family are well.  Lars and I were in the office last night cleaning and organízing a bit, the electrician is coming today to finish the work on the phones and computers so things will be back to normal and the office will be running as usual again.  Lars has been without a fax and internet for almost two weeks, a real royal pain in the butt!
Baby Louis, who isn't a baby anymore has grown so much since I saw him last.  He will be three on the 17th of September and has started kindergarden, he's so talkative and curious and a lot of fun to play with.
Kester is now 14 and doing well at school and playing soccer alot, his english is amazing! they've been learning english at school and he's happy to practice with me.
Everyone is doing wonderful!
I will sign off for now, just a quick update to say hello from Germany and let you know that I'm having a good time with the family.  Everyone is looking forward to my Sunday dinner....I'm cooking for 8 on Sunday afternoon. 

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Jo said...

Lucky you Izzy, it sounds like a fun trip!