Monday, November 28, 2011

The past few days....

I've been a busy worker bee :)

I spent a large portion of my Friday doing chores and errands.  I went out to this great little shop to buy the Rum Babas for Christmas Day... OMG these are to die for! I can remember having these when I was a child, then for some reason years went past and the babas had been forgotten, but.....somehow, somewhere a couple of years ago I saw them! fate stepped in and I decided that it was time to have the babas again at Christmas time.  Don't mess with my rum babas and don't mess with fate...."Nuff said".

 DH and I went out on Friday night for a nice Japanese dinner and then went shopping at HomeSense.  I found these fantastic Christmas crackers!  Love it :)
 we also bought a few gifts and got a smokin' hot deal on some king sized bed sheets (which we desparately needed!)

We received our first parcel and Christmas card from Germany on Saturday morning... thanks Andrea, Kilian and Kester! we'll wait until Christmas to open our pressies but I opened the card ;)

Saturday afternoon I went out to Sue's place.  Two fold mission - or maybe it was three fold - hmmmmm
Part 1 - I created a lovely Christmas Box
Part 2 - Created the action plan for sorting/organizing the studio and office at Sue's place.
Part 3 - We busted our butts Saturday night and all day Sunday!! we managed to load up Sue's truck with recycling - and mine with donations.  We've made a good start and have booked another two sessions to "Git er' Done!"  Sue and Richard - thanks again for the amazing hospitality!

Sunday night I put out the Advent Kranz for Advent.

 Our second parcel from Germany arrived Monday.... yummy! Now the holiday season can really begin, we've got Lebkuchen in the house.

How are things going with you?

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Jo said...

oh you have been a busy little bee!!! I've been busy too! it's that wonderfully busy time of the year!