Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching up

It's been a busy week!  On Tuesday evening I had dinner Suzanne and Carol at the Creekside Restaurant.
On Thursday Ann and I went to the CBC Radio 2 studio for a Rush Hour concert, which was amazing! and afterwards we went up to St. Paul's Hospital to see the light display. 

On Friday night Norbert and I met Sue and Richard at the Christmas Market! (yes I was there again!)

This weekend is filled with scrapbooking, holiday celebrations with friends and baking! 
Sleep - optional!


Jo said...

you are going to have lots of happy memories to scrap!

Sue in Canada said...

sleep is optional??? Thats positive...I thought I had kissed it goodbye LOL!
Had such a fun time last little polar bear is residing on the white tree and looks beautiful there!!
Thanks for the fun night!!!

Sue C said...

Oh what fun! And I must mention, I absolutely LOVE the background on your blog.