Monday, December 12, 2011

It's that time of year! Busy Busy Busy....

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend spending time with friends to celebrate the holiday season.  The Mennies had their annual open house on Saturday, it was great fun and really nice to see some people that we hadn't seen since last year! Where does the time go?

On Sunday I spent the day with my girlfriends, scrapbooking, eating amazing food, exchanging baked goodies, a Secret Santa and exchanging cards and gifts.  Thanks girls for the really great day!

  Monday morning didn't start off too well.... I went to work and got stuck in the elevator for 35 minutes! Yes, I was trapped, all alone and sipping on my Starbucks coffee (I had an after thought - don't drink too much coffee if you're stuck in an elevator - you might need the bathroom sooner than they can come and rescue you!) I sent a text to the office, DH and Diane.  DH called to make sure I was okay and Diane sent me a couple of texts to make sure I was okay too.  All was fine, no cute fireman came to rescue me though...what a disappointment! LOL  Monday evening, I had to run around a get some things organized for a work meeting Tuesday.

Tuesday after work, I went to Diane's for dinner with the family and then we were all off to Michael's Winter Concert at his middle school.  Brought back alot of memories for me, only this time, I wasn't in the band playing, I was in the audience!  After the concert we had a short game of Monopoly - I bought Michael the electronic version for Christmas, it comes with bank cards! so no funny paper money!  It's really cool.

 Wednesday, I went to the VWMS concert.  The BC Girls Choir sang, their program was a very festive one and was really lovely.  After the concert I had lunch with my friend Sue C.  The evening was very was the annual "Spa night" with Ann and Helen.  It was fantastic and afterwards we went to Heron's at the Waterfront Hotel for dinner and exchanged our xmas presents.

Tonight I dashed home from work to receive the delivery of my new curio cabinet! I'm so excited! and now I'm off to have dinner with Penny.
I also won a wonderful prize from my friend Shell on her blog.  She was doing the 12 days of Christmas giveaway and I won a 7Gypsies Shadow Box!  Okay so that's two prizes I've won this month :)  I bought another Lotto Max ticket!  

Speaking of prizes.... sorry I forgot to post the winner(s) of the RAK for your favorite holiday CD.  Well only two people posted... Jo and Diane... so they both WIN! Congrats girls!

Stay tuned for more adventures.... it's a busy weekend ahead!


Sue in Canada said...

Ha! You had to post that pic of me stealing your beautiful pressie didn't you?? LOL What a fun day it was!

Sue C said...

So much holiday celebration - oh what fun :)