Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seasonal Festivities Continue....

Friday evening Diane and I went to the Burnaby Village Museum, the weather could have been much better, it was kind of drizzly out, but we braved the elements and strolled around the village and made our final stop at the carousel.  Afterwards we had a lovely dinner at Hart House and exchanged xmas pressies.
Welcome to Burnaby Village Museum

The Mercantile shop windows

Hansel and Gretal's Gingerbread House

Hang on Diane!!

Weeeeeh, let's ride the carousel!

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

New Monkey - at the time of the photo, he/she had not been named yet!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday afternoon - Ann and I made Peanut Brittle! the annual tradition continues :)

 Saturday evening - Rick joined us for the evening, Norbert made a fabulous dinner and I managed to stay out the kitchen and not interfere with his cooking (LOL) it was a great night!

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Jo said...

and the merriment continues! I love the shots at the Burnaby Village Museum!

ScrappeeDiane said...

What a fun Christmas Season this has been this year. There has been lots of new Adventures and some old traditions too.

P.S. The monkey has been named.... drumroll please................... and his name is "Moe"

Thanks again for such great prezzies, they all bring a smile to my face. You know me so well.