Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Not MIA!

I have no idea where the month of February has gone, truly I don't!! it's has been so busy for me and I'm sure that most of you have been wondering what the heck is going on.

Along with the usual day to day things, I've been spending a lot of my free time helping my friend Penny, pack, purge and move house.  It has been a humongous job, firstly the house used to belong to her ex-in-laws, her ex grew up in the house and after she was married she and her husband moved into the house as the in-laws moved out....well they sort of moved out... they left behind 35 years of stuff and Penny has been there for 17 more years.... so 52 years of stuff to go through has been more than one single mom can handle!! Let's just say there were days when I wanted to just throw up my hands and throw a match to it all ;)

There have been some "fun" times thrown in as well.  I took time to visit my parents for my dad's birthday, I had the girls over for a Stampin' Up party, I scrapbooked with my gal pals, I went to the Cuban National Ballet to see Don Quixote (amazing!!), I went shopping and had dinner out with a GF one evening and (in my spare time) I managed to create and have printed the 38th annual Vancouver Music Festival Workshop program - we've got 280 entries for the week long festival which starts on Monday the 27th and created the 280 adjudication sheets to go along with it.

Ummmm, do I sleep?

What's on the horizon?.... more move stuff tomorrow, a funeral on Saturday :(.... a friend over for Sunday dinner, then on Monday I'm packing, cleaning and getting ready to fly out to Las Vegas!! woo hoo! some quality time with DH and friends in Vegas.  I'll be back on March 2nd and then will hopefully have a more restful month in March.

Hectic doesn't even adequately describe this past month... so no I'm not really MIA, just extremely busy.

See you in March!


ScrappeeDiane said...

Viva Las Vegas! Have fun :) Looking forward to the pics.

Sue C said...

Have fun! You deserve some time away :)

Jo said...

you are totally mia!!! lol!