Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mmmm Coffee

A long time ago, before the French press and the programmable coffeemaker became popular, people used an almost forgotten method of making coffee. It's  called a percolator. You can still buy them today, but you don't see as many of them around.  
This type of coffeemaker had a very distinctive sound when the coffee was brewing - you could hear a spurting sound as the water made its way through the grounds. For coffee lovers, it was music to their ears - and a percolator made a great cup of coffee.

I don't own a Fresh press, don't ask why.... I just don't.

I own a stove top style espresso maker (The Mokka Pot) it can be a very tricky mode of preparation, because of the propensity of the water to be too hot, scalded, harsh bitter coffee can be the result if you’re not careful.  It's great, but don't walk away from the stove when you're making your coffee!
And I own an old fashioned (ceramic 1960's) Melita drip coffee pot, you know the one, you put the kettle on to boil, place a filter and coffee inside the cone atop the coffee pot and you pour the boiling water over the coffee. (I still use this occasionally!)

Today - my programmable/grinding coffeemaker is the morning music to my ears. It too has a distinct sound.... loudly "brrrrrrring" as it grinds and a "beep beep" when it's finished brewing.  It's a good thing! and I admit it, I'm a coffee hound!

What's your favorite style of coffee maker?


ScrappeeDiane said...

Tim Horton's :)

Jo said...

French Press hands down ... but the percolator makes the best camping coffee!

Sue said...

Big A$$ Cappuccino Machine :-)
I also have a French press for emergencies.
I remember as a kid we had the percolator kind...but it was only used for dinner parties and was nescafe instant back then otherwise! LOL
Thanks for the trip down memory lane...
Oh My SIL make Vietnamese coffees..that's a whole 'nother game!

Kathy said...

French Press for me :)