Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"When are you going to update your blog?"

I was out last night with a friend who asked me "when are you going to update your blog"?  LOL you know you have loyal followers and friends when they ask you to "hurry up and update your blog"... so here's the latest update.

Friday March 23 - the last performance of the season at Dance House

My friend Marnie and I saw 'Blush' - performed by 6 amazing dancers of the Gallim Dance company.....I was amazed at the piece and really enjoyed the evening.


This is the synopsis....
‘Blush’ is an invigorating work dense with emotion and physical exertion that takes the moment of blushing and expands it into a 60 minute journey. As the battlefield of the dance develops with movement that draws on Butoh and ballet, the six dancers covered in white paint increasingly make contact, icy movement leads to achingly tender moments. The raw, explosive power of Blush exposes the dancers’ rosy flesh and the ecstasy of their existence.
Blush was selected by the National Dance Project for a 2011-2012 Touring Award.

The 2012-2013 Dance House season was announced - check out the website - HERE- to see what the upcoming Dance House season is going to bring us.....I'm excited! If you think you might like to come out and see a performance... let me know!

Saturday and Sunday - hanging with my 'Scrappy Bitches'
Sue and Richard - the hostess and host extraordinaire - had 5 of the Scrappy Bitches invade their home for a weekend of great fun!  and yes..... Sue did make those infamous Lemon Meringue martinis....again!!

Having fun!

Those infamous martinis....again!

Hostess Extraordinaire!

I scrapbooked - and finished! my mini album of our trip to Vegas!

 I also made some cards over the weekend ;) 

Last night I was at the Hamilton Street Grill  for another wonderful Wine Tasting event...our group alone had 14 people! we had some great wines and sampled a few items from the new menu - which is debuting at the restaurant today!

The rest of this week.... well, it's full of activity too.... so you'll just have to wait until I update my blog to find out how the rest of this week ends :)

Oh and one last photo from the Scrappy Bitches.... thanks Jo!! love this picture!


Jo said...

the weekend was so much fun, Sue & Richard are the best!!! You have been a busy busy girl! keep having fun!

Kathy said...

You never stop do you? It was great spending the weekend with you at Sue's! Great photos! TFS :)