Tuesday, May 08, 2012

May.... yes I said May!

OMG! when did we get to the 5th month of the year? I must have been time warped into the future or some time bending fanatic pushed the clocks ahead on me.  Seriously...I blinked and here it is May and life is a flurry of activity... that's not surprising is it? perhaps that's why I feel like I missed the entire month of April, it's just plain ol' busy and on the horizon.... May, June and July are filling up too.

After the Rosemary Heights Retreat weekend I was busy with work, Vancouver Women's Music Society and socializing.  I've been also helping my friend Sue get her office space ready for painting before we reorganize her office.  It's been fun!  I went out there recently and after we had emptied the office we went to Mink for coffee and then stopped in at Winners, she had found a bargain on Thickers and I wanted to check it out.... LOL! I'm set now, I won't need to buy Alpha letters for scrapbooking for quite some time.
 Ann and I went to the Hotel Vancouver for "High Tea" to celebrate her birthday! what a wonderful afternoon we had :) and it was so yummy!!

This past weekend I went to Qualicum Beach to visit my parents.  An early Mother's Day weekend for me since I will be away in Portland Oregon (actually on the way home) on Mother's Day.
We had a great weekend, the weather was glorious! Mom and I made a start on making me a summer dress. We went to Courtney for an Art Festival, did some shopping, walking in the forest with Glenn (their dog) and out for Thai dinner too!  

Diane and I are taking off Wednesday morning for our trip to Portland Oregon.  I'm so excited! I love Portland and we're going to a dance show again too! We will be seeing ....

Compagnie Käfig (France/Brazil)

Explosive Hip Hop from France and Brazil
Artistic Director Mourad Merzouki is at the forefront of the international, hip hop dance scene. Käfig’s sensational double bill of Correria and Agwa derives from an encounter between Mourad and 11 young male dancers from Rio de Janeiro at the Lyon Dance Biennial in 2006. Their individual stories about their lives in the favelas (Brazilian shanty towns) and how they were determined to make something of themselves inspired Mourad to create two heart-stopping works that showcase the young Brazilians’ astonishing acrobatic skills and dazzling virtuosity.
That's it for now....I'll post when I get home from Portland!  Enjoy the glorious sunshine :)


Jo said...

wow! The fabric you chose for the dress is just stunning!!! and i still cannot believe what a great deal you got on those thickers ... amazing!!! have a safe trip!

Kathy said...

Love looking at all your photos! Looks like you and Ann had a lovely tea celebrating her birthday. It's been a while since I've been for High Tea, your photos make me want to book one now!

Love, love, love the fabric you chose for your dress! It is going to look great on you!