Monday, May 21, 2012

Not the right outcome for FC Bayern Munchen Fans

DH and I went to the Vancouver Alpen Club on Saturday morning with friends to watch the UEFA Cup final.  We had a really fun time but the outcome was not what the German fans expected.


(Pens 3-4) 

 Everything was in Bayern’s favour except the fact that they actually had to put the ball in the net.  Chance after chance was missed, they dominated the field in the first half.  Then late in the second half the room exploded.... Bayern Munchen scored!!! it was 1 - 0. Chelsea were hanging on in there and then Didier Drogba of Chelsea scored the equalizing goal.  Silence hits the room..... and now everyone is on the edge of their seat.  

Munchen and Chelsea played two 15 minute overtime halves.  It was inevitable the penalty shoot-out would take place.  

And this is the part I dislike... a penalty shoot! come on, play the game until someone wins!  Shoot outs are exciting in their own way, but it's such a sad way, for any team, to lose a championship after all that hard work and team playing for 90+ minutes.  C'est la vie I guess.

 Regardless of the outcome, we had a fun time with our friends!

Markus and Tim

DH and I

Beer anyone?

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Jo said...

Ah it looks like fun was had by all!!! despite the game outcome. but it is a killer to lose on penalty shots ... putting the fate of the team in the hand of just one person ...