Saturday, May 26, 2012

Social Butterfly

I had a chance to be a real Social Butterfly this week and see many of my friends!  It's been wonderful and this weekend will be more socializing and fun too!

Monday I met my friend Diane for lunch, she had to work on the Victoria Day holiday.  I met her downtown at the office and we wandered down to Dunsmir St. for some lunch and a visit.

Wednesday I had the day off and Sue (Soozeeque) and I bottled our Australian Shiraz! What fun we had :) afterwards we went out for lunch. 

Friday morning I made my way out to Sue's (Sue F) and we started to "tidy" her studio in preparation for our girls gathering next weekend.  Sue's new office has been painted now (it's gorgeous) all that's left now.... buy & build the office furniture and then put everything back into the office, it's all currently stacked in Richard's "Man Cave". 

Friday evening - Jo and I had a nice dinner at Joey's, we dined Al Fresco, it was such a lovely evening! and then we went to the Members opening of the Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Amazing exhibit - I'll be going back to see it again.  check it out if you can :) The exhibit opens to the public today and ends September 30th.

Today I'm going out to a Vintage Fair in Abbotsford with Kathy, Sue F and Jo! I've slathered myself in sunblock already!  Forecast...Sunny and 24C! woo hoo!!
Sunday, I suppose I'll have to catch up on some chores.... you know, things like laundry and ironing! but Sunday evening it's dinner out at Kalamata Greek restaurant with Rick to celebrate Norbert's birthday (it's on Tuesday).

So that's me in a nutshell this past week... next week.... living on a houseboat and cat sitting for friends for a few days, and fun at Chateau Farrant on Saturday night!

On another note, not social at all! LOL  I'm so excited, when DH's Tante Ingrid came to Canada for a visit in 2010 she bought us a beautiful Orchid plant.  It bloomed for a really long time and then went dormant! well I carefully looked after it and now..... it's back in bloom!

Enjoy the Sunshine and have a great weekend!


Jo said...

You are a busy bee .... fabulous work raising the orchid ... not many people can keep them around for long! kudos!

Iris B said...

Wow - I want to know how/what you did to have that Orchid come back....please share :-)

Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun filled week! I've never been patient enough to bring back an orchid. Way to go!