Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vintage Fair Fun!

Yesterday's trip out to Abbotsford with the girls was fun!  The weather was amazing, so the drive out was lovely and scenic. 

We arrived at the Vintage Fair, which was actually inside this year, we were all expecting it to be outdoors in a goat field like it was last year, but alas they opted for indoors and there was a line up to get inside when we arrived.  

It was packed! really really busy and a ""wiggle your way in game" was happening at every turn, it was quite the art trying to get into the vendor stalls to look at or snaffoo items before someone else picked them up. LOL There were some amazing Vintage items there and we all scored something we loved.  
The doll is Jo's and the two small cosmetic cases are mine :)
Afterwards we put on our "A" for Adventure hats and made our way into the old downtown part of Abbotsford and stumbled across Paper Nation, a scrapbook store.  Of course we stopped! Brian, one of the owners was lovely, we recognized each other from BC Crop for Kids and the sweetie that he is, offered us a special discount since we'd come all the way from Vancouver. :)  

Upon departing Paper Nation, I asked Brian if he could recommend someplace for lunch and he pointed us in the direction of the this really fun and funky 50's diner called Ann Marie's Cafe.  So fun and retro!
Fun 50's Retro Diner

Remember these little push pedal cars for kids!

Jo and Hayley

Guess who?

Kathy with her SMASH book memorabilia

Love the pin!

After lunch we had a quick stop at Roses and Rutabagas Antiques and Home Decor shop.... I wanted to move in! Loved this store! and I scored myself a new coffee mug here.  Love it!

Loved this outdoor store display!

The new mug.... it's so me!
Thanks girls for the fun day and Kathy.... thanks again for driving all of us out to Abbotsford!


Jo said...

It was a fabulous day! so much to take in at the vintage fair!

ScrappeeDiane said...

What great photos, I'm so jealous. Love that mug, it is soooooo you!

Kathy said...

Such a fun day! Loved the fair and that little shop we visited! Great photos :)