Saturday, July 28, 2012

Winding down the holiday

Hello, things have been relatively quiet here - not!  2 trips to Hamburg, 2 trips to Kiel, 1 trip to Neumunster, 1 trip to Bad Bramstedt. We had a family BBQ party last night (Friday evening), it was so hot, it was 33C during the day in Hamburg, when I got back to Grossenaspe for the BBQ party it had cooled down to 29C.  It was still really warm at 11:30pm when Andrea and I decided to finish our wine inside.

I am winding down and starting to gather stuff together for the journey home.  The time has just flown by and I can not believe that it is almost time to come home.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone and hearing about your summer adventures so far.

see you soon!


Jo said...

I am glad you have had a fab trip ... safe travels back !

Iris B said...

Time flies when your having fun. Have a safe trip home.