Saturday, August 04, 2012

Family Ties and Halle

 Another quick digi page of the family in Grossenaspe :)  Diane asked me if I was going to digi scrap all my photos.... the answer, no - I'm just doing a couple of digi albums for family and friends to send over to Germany.
I will paper scrap my own photos.  I've decided to break down the holiday and create several mini albums and a couple of Smash books with all the photos.  I will have a better chance of finishing everything that way, rather than trying to tackle the enormous task of creating a 12x12 album, there are simply way to many photos for just one album ;)

Halle (on the Saale River) - Close to Leipzig in the south of Germany.  Ingrid and I had an overnight stay here before heading to Magdeburg.  Halle is the birthplace of George Friedrich Handel- the monument to Handel is in the central market place which was built in 1859.  Most everything is situated in the centre of the city.
The Roter Turm (Red Tower built between 1418 and 1503), the Marktkirche (Market Church of St. Mary built between 1529-1554). The Marktschlossen - a building that is now the gallery and tourist information centre. 

Handel House

Hey Diane!.... you and I are standing at the foot of Handel!
Handel Statue in the Marktplatz
Rot Turm
A view across the Markplatz
Marktkirche Clock
Amazing organ inside the Marktkirche (it's huge!) and there was an organist playing, the sound is spectacular!
Inside the Marktkirche - the vaulted ceilings are stunning

Check back tomorrow, more photos and stories to come!

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