Sunday, August 05, 2012

Gerd's Doll Collection - for Jo :)

 Ingrid and I spent some time visiting our friend Gerd in Bamberg.  Gerd is the owner of a very posh shop in the centre of Bamberg "Casa MCM" and yes, we did do some shopping in his shop. (click on Casa MCM to go to the shop website). 

Reminiscent of my shopping adventure in Las Vegas, one sits down, sips champagne and the staff wait on you hand and foot.  it was almost like being at a fashion show! outfits, handbags, accessories are brought to you and then you decide what you'd like to try on. LOL

Gerd has also worked as a makeup artist, and met/worked with some pretty big stars, as well, he's appeared on German TV, he's quite the social figure in Bamberg! and a lot of fun to hang out with.

Gerd has a unique collection of dolls.  We went to his flat one morning before the three of us ventured out for a day trip, naturally he gave us the full tour, a glass of champagne and "touched up" make up. I just had to take photos of the dolls, I knew Jo would appreciate them!


Sue C said...

Quite the collection! And what a bright beautiful home!

Jo said...

What a fabulous flat! Very eclectic! and i do love the dolls, thanks for taking photos for me to ooh and awe over!!!