Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gößweinstein and Schloss Weißenstein in Pommersfelden

Gößweinstein in Bavaria, the Castle (in the background on top of the hill) is from 1076.  Ingrid and I drove through this lovely village (Forcheim) and stopped for a quick photo.  We had been here back in 2007 and I have a collection of photos from Forcheim and the castle, but I never got a photo from the hilltop,  now I've got one!
 Schloss Weißenstein (castle), is a Baroque castle, built by Lothar Franz von Schönborn between 1711 and 1716.  Part of the castle is now a hotel called Schlosshotel Pommersfelden and is actually reasonably priced, I picked up some brochures, I will have to stay here one night!  Ingrid and I went to the castle with Hansi and Marianne one afternoon for a lovely tour.  Photos inside were not permitted :( but I have a beautiful little book with some stunning photos to add to my memorabilia collection. The last three photos posted are from the Lessing Photo Archive just to give you an idea of how opulent the interior of the castle is.
Lessing Photo Archive
Lessing Photo Archive

Lessing Photo Archive


Jo said...

omg, that is opulent ... and fabulous !!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Stunning photos! You really captured the beauty Izzy!