Monday, August 06, 2012

Welcome to Prichsenstadt

One of the cutest and oldest villages I've ever seen! I loved the entrance to the city through the old stone city gate, the old timber style homes (very traditional in Bayern) and I really loved how the village seems to have stayed so serene and separate from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.  In 20 minutes you've walked around the entire village, it took us much longer of course and I was so happy that I got to visit Prichenstadt twice! Hansi and Marianne took Ingrid and I to Prichsenstadt and then when we went on our day trip with Gerd, I was really happy to learn that we were going again but then.... I was really excited because Gerd told me we were stopping to have coffee and cake at the home of Gerd's aunt, Betina! She lives here!  I've made a new friend in Prichsenstadt and have an invitation to come visit anytime. You know I'll be back!

Ingrid and Hansi - time to rest in the sunshine!
Betina and Gerd


Jo said...

lovely, it looks like a fairy tale come to life!

Sue C said...

How beautiful! A lovely, clean and charming village - a sunny day, and a new friend. A truly perfect day.