Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday Fun Shots

Sunday's photo shoot was not all about Art under Foot, we did stop to have some fun, lunch and take other photos that afternoon.  So without further ado..... here are a few of the fun shots.
Window display at Louis Vuitton (above and below)

Food Truck! it smelled wonderful :)
Bus shelter advertisement
We (heart) culture (Sue and Iris)
Really? they asked nicely, even put a smiley face on the wall but someone had to dump a mattress!
Lunch stop at Doolin's irish pub

Diane had to ride the bull! Sue gives her a hand up!
Mountains of books in a shop window, oh my! I'd love to go on a book hunt in there!

The Seymour Building


Jo said...

It looks like you all had such a great day ... i was sorry to miss it ... and that book store ... i have to go there!!!!

Kathy said...

Great photos Izzy! I'm sorry I missed the fun!