Saturday, September 15, 2012

White + Wine = A comical disaster!

Had a fun evening out last night at the Lamp Lighter pub in Gastown with Norbert and Ann.  We were sat outside on the patio, lovely evening...but.... there were a few fruit flies hanging around our wine bottle.

Ann "tried" to shoo away some of the fruit flies and that's when disaster struck!  The bottle of wine literally flew towards me! Me... the magnet for disaster, wearing white capris! half a bottle of wine landed in my lap! What a shame, all that good wine on the table and in my lap! I would have preferred to drink it rather than wear it :)

OMG! we laughed so much, almost peed ourselves laughing, and Ann saying - "I guess that's why you're not supposed to wear white after Labour Day"!  more laughing ensued and everyone around were trying to give us advise.  The table of visitors from Florida tossing napkins our way, the girls behind us saying "get some club soda" and our fresh off the boat Kiwi waitress not having a clue what club soda was! and everyone else wondering what the hell we were laughing so hard at.  There's nothing you can do except laugh about it, it was really comical, I wish I'd had a video of the whole thing!

A full glass of club soda was no help at all! the top survived, the pants...we'll have to wait and see, I'm trying to rescue them right now.  I may have to lay them to rest.

That's how I kick started my weekend..... how about you?


Jo said...

omg, hilarious ... maybe bleach ... if worse comes to worse!

Kathy said...

Ya, good idea Jo. Or.....maybe dye them black?? lol