Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sweet 16 Saturday

We are currently in Kelowna enjoying a weekend with the family and having a blast! here are some photo highlights of our Saturday fun. I started my day in the hot tub, then went for a swim. We then went to watch Erica play soccer. They won 2 - 1 :)
The family arrived for the BBQ party at 4pm and we had a family footie game! we celebrated birthdays and father's day.
Erica was so excited with the GUESS bag we bought her, but her face was priceless when she opened the handbag... we had bought her a ring from Tiffany & Co. too, I had put the ring in the handbag. We enjoyed lots of food, cake, and fun! we're off to the boat now for a trip around the lake and a picnic lunch!

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Jo said...

awwwe ... she looks so happy! what a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Aunt and Uncle!!! looks like you have sun up there ... lucky you!!!