Sunday, September 08, 2013


Almost one week since I have arrived in Germany and I have jumped back into my usual routine.

Busy helping in the garden, Ingrid 's foot and her osteoporosis are giving her a bit of trouble so I have jumped in to help with the garden. Mowing lawns, weeding, edge trimming, picking apples, and getting veggies from the garden.  I also made a very large pot of homemade veggie soup which we put in the freezer to have on a cooler evening.  We were at a nice BBQ party last night and today I am going with Andrea to the garden zauber. The garden zauber is a Show that is put on twice a year, lots of farming supplies, flowers, plants and yummy Food.

will post more in a few days and will try to get more photos posted :)

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Sue-The Red Haired Stamper said...

Glad you are safely there and into the routine! Look forward to lots of pics!!