Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bizzy Izzy

It's been over a week since I posted anything... sorry folks, but it's been a busy time for me.

Since the last post,.... hmmmm let's see what have I been up to?

Sunday Feb. 2 - Super Bowl Sunday! had a wonderful time at the party and watching the game.  The Mennie's were the big winners of the football pool that day! and Ann's co-worker in the Seattle area has sent up a t-shirt which I'll get this weekend! FABULOUS!
Big Winners!
SuperBowl Champion T-Shirt
The remainder of that week was busy with work and school and I also finished the program for 40th Vancouver Music Festival Workshop, in my spare time.... LOL!

Friday night (7th) was Dance House.  Wow! what an amazing performance by Grupo Corpo from Brazil.  The music and dance were spectacular. Ann, Diane and I met before the show for dinner. FABULOUS!

I was up early and off to the ferry on Saturday the 8th.
Dad's hip surgery went really well and he's home now recovering.  I went to spend time with mum and to get dad home from the hospital etc.  Of course the day he was discharged just happened to be a day when there was snow on the ground, yes it snowed the night before in Nanaimo, not too bad in general terms, but when you're trying to load up someone who's just had hip surgery it's a bit dicey.  Luckily, the Physio therapist was there to assist and I was able to drive up onto the pathway which was clear of snow, god only knows how we would have done if we'd tried to load up dad in the "regular patient pick up area".  FABULOUS! Anyway.... all is well, he's managing fine and I'm keeping tabs on both mum and dad via phone.

While on the island I also stopped in to see the "new" location for Scrapbooking Adventures, they have moved from Parksville to Nanaimo.  The shop is really close to the hospital, so I went in to snoop :)  did I say snoop?....I meant shop! LOL  actually, I didn't buy much, just a couple sheets of paper to use in my New York album. FABULOUS!
 So I'm home now and back to the busy work and school schedule during the week. The weekends are full with social fun stuff..... surprise! so far Fabulous February is whizzing along.... we're almost halfway through!

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Jo said...

Your are a bizzy izzy! I hope your dad is recovering nicely!