Saturday, February 01, 2014

Fabulous February

I have successfully "conquered" the January blahs.  I have to say, that this year, the month of January flew past and the weather (with the exception of the week of Jan. 6 - 11, sorry Shell, you got the worst of it!)  has been really good for the month of January.  Sure, we had some fog but we had loads of sunshine too! and that made for a less grey and bleak month. I had 3 crafty play days with friends, lots of social engagements and somehow managed to double my work load! Huh!? how'd that happen?! LOL

So now we move into February.... I'm dubbing it Fabulous February.  And again, the calendar is full of activities, school and work.

Adjective: Fabulous

almost impossible to believe; incredible.
Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house.
My Fabulous February calendar includes..... (but not limited to!)
  • visit with mum and dad
  • crafty play days
  • german classes
  • Dance House
  • VWMS concert
  • travel expo
  • Valentine's 
  • social gatherings with friends and birthday celebrations
 What will I "conquer" during the month of February? Time! yes, I said Time.  Only 28 days to accomplish things, I'm losing a couple of days of precious Time in this short month.  Don't ask me why.... but I actually do feel like I lose time during the month of February.  So I'm scheduling my time very very carefully this month in order to accomplish all the tasks on my list (both for work and play).

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