Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Twirling and Whirling....

Life has been very busy - lots of stuff going on and some out of town travel too.  I have been good at keeping track of life and taking photos, but I've fallen down on getting things posted to the blog.  Actually, to be honest, I haven't had the time to post on the blog!

Here's some highlights of what's happened over the past three weeks.

Dinner with our nephew at Pied-a-Terre - one of my favorite local restaurants!
 VWMS meetings/prepping for the AGM - our last concert of the season is on June 18th

Whitecaps soccer game with Kathy - 40th Anniversary Game - it was groovey man! and loads of fun!
 Surprise Baby Shower - KM goes on mat leave on June 6th
 Portland with Mum - 4 days of  fun
Nelson BC - 3 days of work - nothing has really changed in Nelson, the scenery is still beautiful.
Valdes - rest and relaxation with the Mennies!

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Jo said...

oh wow, you have been busy!!! keep having fun!