Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back home....

It was a long haul home (my flight from London was cancelled, so I was stuck at Heathrow for a couple days) regardless of the difficulties in getting home, I'm back safe and sound and have had a really nice time in Germany.  Everyone there is healthy and happy and we've had some wonderful time together.  I visited some of the usual haunts, revisited places I haven't been to in 10 years and I also went on a couple of adventures to places I've never been.  Being in Germany during the FIFA world cup was great too. All the energy and anticipation leading up to and including the final game was absolutely amazing!  So much fun! I'll be sorting and posting the pictures over the next week or so.  A reminder of the yummy coffee and cake in Germany :) Bis Sp├Ąter!

Time for kaffee und kuchen! LOL

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Jo said...

welcome back!