Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hello from Germany!

Hello everyone, having a really nice Time visiting and relaxing These First few days in Germany. The Weather has been Great, we hit 30 c today, thank goodness Ingrid and I were in Wedel on the Elbe, nice cool breeze coming up off the water so it did Not Feel too hot. I have already Settled back into Daily Life :) having a Little trouble trying to get Lars' iPad to recognize english,  it. is Auto correcting everything and capitalizing Words at random..... Sorry about that! Will post Again in a few days from the Office Computer :) bis sp├Ąter


Jo said...

wondered why the words had ramdom capitals!!! enjoy your trip!

Iris B said...

Adds some Flair to Your Post....LOL. Glad you are already settling in. Enjoy.

Izzy said...

i think because alot of words are capitalized in german, the Computer thinks i am typing in german!