Saturday, May 07, 2016

How Long???

So I was recently given a scolding by Uncle Uwe for not updating my blog.  Sorry...but these days blogging has managed to fall to the bottom of the list of things to do.

So in an effort to catch up I did a few collages of the past few months to get as close to up to date as possible. 

Started to Hip Hop Dance

Learning to box

Walks with friends

Building muscle

Visiting my parents

Working Retreat at Whistler

Time with our niece Erica

Kitty sitting our furry friend Fin

Finding new places to walk

Enjoying music and friends

Time with Kathy

Living the high life with Diane

Controlling two goofy brothers

Soccer match with Erica

Patio lunch with Bodo
New York City with Erica

Coeur d'Alene visiting Uwe
And that folks is just a snippet of life in photos from January til now....more to come and I will try very hard to update with more photos and stories along the way....but I have to warn's going to be a very busy time between now and September! :) so the posts might be slow in coming.

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Jo said...

so glad to see you updating your blog!