Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May and June Adventures

See? I told you I'd update the blog again and look! it hasn't been a year....only 5 weeks have past by and here I am updating the blog.  Mind you the 5 weeks have gone in the blink of an eye!

May and June (so far) have gone by in a flash! and we've been busy.  Work keeps us on our toes most days but in between we've had another trip to New York and lots of fun social activities built in to our life too.

Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer matches with friends

Spent 2 days with mum learning how to make Tamari Balls (so much fun!)

Was lucky enough to get this photo while on the ferry ride home from Vancouver Island

Near Science World, Norbert and I went to a function at Science World with his co-workers

An amazing dance show with Diane

Working on the Sunshine Coast at Half Moon Bay...can't beat the view!

An afternoon with Norbert at the Kingston Pub watching Soccer.
NYC again... took Norbert for his birthday and I had booked a sailing trip on a Clipper for him! it was a fantastic day!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Met Phil and Diane in Central Park... fabulous New Yorker's! we had a great time with them.

Plaza Hotel, snacks and drinks at Todd English

Grand Central Station

Mum and dad came for a visit this past weekend
That's all for now... we're almost at the end of June and we're off to Valdes next week with Ann and Rob to relax and then I leave for Germany on July 8th.  Happy Summer!

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