Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Scraplifting is the act of taking someone else's scrapbook art and copying it or slightly modifying it into your own creations.

It is officially okay to scraplift and is one of the best ways to get over "Scrappers Block" but there is an Etiquette you should follow.

Many scrapbooking magazines have amazing layouts & designs which many of us scraplift the ideas from. As with any art form, the most important thing to remember when scraplifting is to give credit where credit is due. For example if you 'scraplift' & publish an idea from someone's published work, website, blog or other online source you should give credit where credit it due. It's insulting and rude if you don't credit the original artist for their creative ideas.

Scraplifting can be a fun and fast way to create fantastic pages. Scrapbookers love to share their ideas—this is the fundamental nature behind websites and major industry magazines. Share your own ideas and don't be afraid to benefit from someone else's creativity but remember to give credit where credit is due.

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