Friday, February 09, 2007

Time Travel - Challenge!

If you could go back to any time and any place where would you go and who would you talk to? Would you talk to someone famous, or historical, or maybe a relative that you have always wanted to have a conversation with?

Prompted by another blog I thought that this was quite interesting. There's quite a list going in my mind so I'll just list the top three. I encourage you to give this a go!

#1 - Grandmother Edna Wood - Sheffield, England early 1960's.

My father's mother passed away shortly before my parents were married and I've heard many wonderful stories about her and have a wonderful collection of photographs. I'd love to go back in time and chat with her about her family, her life and her dreams. She was by all accounts an amazing lady and had a great love for the theatre and literature. I often wonder what sorts of conversations we might have had if she were around today.

#2 - J.S. Bach - Hamburg, Germany mid 1700's

Bach is one of my favorite composers and I would enjoy having a conversation with him about his compositions. His compositions are all created around mathematics and religion that it boggles the mind to know how he created his masterpieces with such precision. It amazes me that as part of his job as a concert master, he was required to write one Cantata per month!

#3 - Boudicca - Norfolk & Suffolk, England 163CE

Boudicca was a British Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation in Britain. What happened to Boudicca is uncertain after she led 5 battles against the Roman Empire. It is said she returned to her home territory and took poison to avoid Roman capture. I'd like to hear her side of story!

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