Monday, June 18, 2007

Tackled & Organized

I don't know about you, but I tend to make a BIG mess when I'm scrapbooking or working on projects. I get so focused on what I'm doing that the act of actually putting everything back in it's place once I've used it goes to the wayside. Seriously, I have out every possible tool, ink pad, stamp, embellishment and paper you can imagine, just to make sure that I create exactly what I want!

At the end of the project my little scrapbooking area looks like a hurricane has been through. Part of the problem... is that my scrapbook area really is "too small"! Oh the dream of having a large room where I can put out everything and leave it out! My Cricut comes out of its carry bag, sits on top of the freezer (that's the closest area to a plug I have) and then I realize I've got to move it (and all the cartridges) so I can take something out of the freezer. It's really quite frustrating and time consuming too. DH says "It's not the size of the room, it's the amount of stuff you have!" LOL :)

Since the weather was really dreadful (again!) this weekend I spent some time tackling and reorganizing my scrapping area. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and was quite happy with the way things were working out until.... I had this great idea that I could increase my work surface area by moving/shuffling some cabinets to squeeze in my 6 ft folding table.

Okay so it was a great idea in my mind! but physically that darn table just wouldn't fit... and all because the window in my solarium is on an angle! I lost 1 ft because of it! AAAAAHHH Don't get me wrong... I love the space, it's bright because of those windows and I have an amazing view... I just want to put my table up.

Back to the drawing board! After some consideration, measuring and brain storming with DH, I had to come to the conclusion that no matter what I did that darn 6 ft table would not fit anywhere! So I guess I've currently got the best and only set up available to me as far as my scrapping area is concerned. Did I mention I hate limitations!!?

So all in all I did get things reorganized I just didn't get to make my area bigger! Do you think I could blast a hole in the wall and merge into the dining room on the other side?! LOL Not likely!

Have a great week everyone :)


Jan said...

Sorry to hear it didn't magically become a bigger space. : ) Good job attempting to tackle it though!!!

Shell said...

umm buy a 5ft table!

Wendy said...

I am great at demolishing things, I've got a sledge hammer, we could take that wall out in no time!!