Thursday, June 26, 2008

It was a nailbiter!!!

Most of you know I'm a soccer fan.... and for the pack couple of weeks I've been watching Euro 2008. DH & I are in a pool at his office. Yesterday's game Germany vs. Turkey in the Semi-Final was a nail biter. I didn't get to watch the game until I got home from work, (thank goodness for multiple sports channels!) it had been played earlier in the day and I avoided listening to the radio so I wouldn't know the outcome. I got home just before 5pm for the kick off.... and oh my it was truly an amazing game. Right down to the final seconds it was a tied match 2-2 and then it happened..... Phillip Lahm scored! Germany won! Needless to say there was a lot of cheering going on here.Today Spain plays Russia in the other semi-final.... hmmm tough one to call, Russia has been playing very well, their attacking potential might just cause Spain some difficulties.

Where will I be on Sunday?.... planted in a pub watching the final! Germany vs. ???
Go Germany Go!

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SonjaRod said...

I'm a HUGE soccer fan too - and I've been following Euro 08... Living all over Europe kinda made it easy to enjoy the sport - and there have been some great games! I'll be watching Sunday's final too - but (sorry Izzy) I'm cheering for SPAIN!!!!