Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back to Reality

Our 5 day getaway to Valdes with Ann & Rob was fantastic! We had great weather, definitely Fall but we were bundled up while out on the deck and cozy inside with the fire going.... how could we go wrong! Lots of fun, laughs, games, reading, walking, singing, dancing, eating... more eating.... a few drinkiepoos ;) and one huge giggle fest!! It was over before we knew it (sigh) and now we're back to reality.

We arrived home late on Tuesday evening so we did a quick unpack and left the rest to deal with on Wednesday. I got some laundry started before I headed out to work and finished it last night while catching up on emails, msg boards, blogs etc.. So much happens in 5 days!!

The election results weren't a huge surprise, what did amaze me, the Green Party didn't get one seat! It's a real shame.

Received a short email from my parents who are having an amazing holiday in Portugal. I did speak with them last Sunday and they are definitely having the time of their lives! I'm looking forward to chatting with them this weekend.

I've got two crops this weekend (yes Ann! the cult! LOL) Saturday night & Sunday, I'll be madly working on two Christmas gifts for family in Germany. I plan to finish those this weekend & then start working on my calendar swap over at the Scrapaholics. After that I'll finish off my Christmas cards and then finish off an album I'm putting together for Ann's parents.

Enjoy the remainder of the week and I'll get some digi layouts of Valdes posted soon!

For now, this is my layout for SYTYCS challenge Week #4

And this is my DT layout for A Scrap Addict's Sketches.


ScrappeeDiane said...

Love the view you have there, it just makes me daydream. What a busy girl you are this weekend, I'm jealous with the speed and ease you can create.

Sue said...

What a lovely view, what a great break for you! I'm glad to hear you had fun, and I love your layouts!

Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful getaway!!!! You're always having such a great time. : )

Have a fun weekend!

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend Izzy! You really have to wonder where are priorities are when the Green party can't even get one seat! See ya on Sunday!

Sue said...

Hmmm..think we need to go on a crop to Valdez Iz!
Great photos...
Can't wait to see all of been 4-Evah! LOL

Jo said...

Happy Izzy ... sounds like you had a wonderful wonderful time. I'm glad you created more happy memories for you and your pals.

Wendy said...

I am jealous that you are already finishing Christmas gifts!

Love the layout of you - great picture and I love the flowery background