Monday, October 06, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving ...

We're taking off on Friday for the Thanksgiving weekend with Ann & Rob to Valdes. Turkey cooked in the ol' wood stove! Should be a great relaxing five days away but I've got some chores to finish and things to organize before we take off. It's going to be another fly by the seat of your pants week.

The latter half of last week was pretty full as well but I spent some wonderful time with friends.

On Thursday evening, Ann & I went to the first concert in our Rush Hour Concert Series. It was a fabulous night of Tango music played by Linda Lee Thomas. Made me want to dance away the night in Buenos Aires.

On Friday after work I went to see/hear Tobey Keith in concert with my friend Darissa! We got ready at my place, had a cocktail (of course!), hit the local pub for another beer & snacks then made our way down to GM Place for the concert. We danced all night long & had a great time!

Guess who's boots are who's? Hint... I've got tiny feet!

Saturday, Norbert & I did a few chores and then went to vote. Our Federal Election is on the 14th & we'll be away. Early voting was slated for last Friday, Saturday and today. So we went to our local polling station Saturday afternoon to vote. Don't forget to vote on the 14th!!
Norbert went out to a birthday dinner celebration with his pub mates, so I had a nice quiet evening sorting my scrapbooking gear for a crop on Sunday.

Sunday's crop up in Lion's Bay was wonderful. I had a great day with my friends, Diane & Jo. I was so happy, I managed to finish off a Christmas gift that's being sent to Germany. Just a couple of other things to finish off & I can wrap, pack & ship that parcel. Woo Hoo!!

I spoke to my parents on Sunday morning, they were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Mom & dad are really enjoying their vacation in Portugal. Of course they had to mention the weather was gorgeous and rub it in!

So I've got work, shopping, packing, dinner & a play and a music lecture to squeeze into Tues. Wed. & Thurs. Hmmmm - jet pack is fueled again! LOL

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!


RealRach said...

Ummm Izzy...You are like 7 weeks early with the THANKGIVING Wishes for us Americans! LOL Teasing you!

Happy Thanksgiving, eh! LOL

You are such a busy woman...I don't know how you do it! *snicker* I just sit home and do nothing all the time!

Jo said...

ummmm, my jet pack is broken ... or at least thats my excuse :)

Jan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Love the boots!! very cute!

Kathy said...

Can I borrow your jet pack Izzy? I need to get myself one of those! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great time relaxing and kickin back. Great photo of you and Darissa too!