Monday, October 27, 2008

Me again...

I had a really nice weekend.... glorious weather, friends, card making & remembering the life of Jackie Tranter.

Our stamp club made some really adorable cards... such a great bunch of ladies and we always have a nice time. I tried a new technique this weekend... never done this before... we bleached our card. So simple and the effect is really nice. Visit Susan's blog for more info!

We also made a Christmas card, a Halloween card & a cute spider :) How cute are those Halloween cards!

The memorial tea was really nice, it was lovely to see Jackie's friends and neighbors and also to meet people who had touched her life. One lady in particular... Izzy! Yes, it was so neat to meet another Isabel, who's called Izzy. Jackie's Izzy is a lovely Scottish woman... she's really wonderful. Jackie had an Izzy in her life and Penny has her Izzy! How amazing is that? Mother and daughter both have an Izzy.

Norbert and I spend a quiet night at home Saturday, rare, I know! but it was great. He made his wonderful Paella for dinner and we watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Sunday, another great day weather wise and we invited a friend over for Sunday dinner. All in all a great relaxing weekend.

This morning, I was reading the newspaper.... normally we only get the weekend paper but the Vancouver Sun is running a promotion until mid November to get readership up, so we automatically started receiving the daily paper today. Now this is fate.... as I was sitting reading the paper, sipping coffee, what do I see?.... ME! Yup, a photo of me in all my scrapbooking glory. Last year I did an interview with the paper and they took my photo etc. the article ran in December. Today's article is featuring my favorite magazine Canadian Scrapbooker and they used my photo again for the article. I had no idea this was happening, so it was really a surprise to see my face in the paper! Check out the article online here


Sue said...

HI Izzy!
I have an Izzy in my life too...hey wait a minute..I guess I have wee niece in Irelandand then of course YOU! Hoe lucky am I?
Glad you enjoyed the cards this weekend, it was so nice to see alll the card club ladies again...really now all my friends I think :-)

Shell said...

ooh you are famous - can I have your autograph!! :-D

Wendy said...

That is so great, your famous!

Jan said...

Now that's cool to have yourself be in the paper when you get it! : ) Enjoy the rest of your week busy girl!

Jean Marie said...

such cute cards!!