Saturday, January 03, 2009

Out & About

I'm sure you can imagine by now that I've been getting cabin fever... really really wanting to escape the confines of home just for a short time, well yesterday I had a great adventure. My first official "outing".

I had some errands that needed to be done, things like banking, post office, prescription to pick up etc. and let me tell so close to City Square shopping centre is a god send!

We had a lovely day weather wise, so Norbert pushed me in the wheel chair up to the shopping centre. The sidewalks were somewhat clear of snow/ice and there was a wonderful crispness in the air.

I felt somewhat back to normal just by doing simple tasks like banking and posting birthday cards. Many of my 'business owner friends' & neighbors who see me regularly at City Square stopped to say hello & wish me well. It's nice to be a 'regular' in the area, everyone was so kind. I even saw Karen L., a friend from the Scrapaholics, she was on her way to Fitness World when she saw me.

Norbert & I then went to visit my friend Sam who owns & operates the pub/cafe at City Square, where I promptly ordered up a beer! Sam & his wife Sherry were so sweet, we had a great lunch and even had some friends join us for an impromptu drink.

So my photo of the day for Friday January 2nd is me sipping beer - getting out & about!


RAE said...

I bet it felt good to get out!

Jadranka said...

yay ! glad to see that you got out for abit!

Sue said...

Hmmmm..what part of complete bed rest for TWO weeks did that outing fall under Ms Izzy?
*disapproving frown on face*

LOL..seriously...glad to see you can get out and wheel around the 'hood.

Sue C said...


Isn't it great to do something more "Izzy-like" ?

Kathy said...

Glad to hear you are up and about Izzy! Cabin fever isn't any fun so I'm happy to see you enjoying yourself!

Wendy said...

Look at you drinking a beer and I was feeling sorry for you.....

You look great, glad you feeling like getting out. Can you hook that jet pack to your wheelchair? That would work out good!!LOL