Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not running a marathon yet...

... my appointment today went quite well. It wasn't until I saw and had a copy of the x-ray in my hands that I realized just how badly I broke my ankle.

First of all, I've had it in my head all this time that I broke one bone in two places. Nope... not the case, I broke two separate bones. The ankle joint is formed by the connection of three bones. I broke the tibia (shinbone) and the fibula (the small bone of the lower leg). So I guess technically I broke my leg as well as my ankle. Here are a couple of photos to show you the interior metal sculpture I'm now sporting.

This x-ray is taken straight on... note that originally I said I had 4 screws... double that number!
This is the side view, note the two long screws... yes I can feel those poking out the other side of my leg.So after the x-rays I get to see the surgeon, I'm there with my handy list of questions for him. (I'm sure he thought I'd written a novel)
#1 - no driving for another 6 weeks (possibly longer)
#2 - the redness of the skin will go away on its own over time, can't do anything but wait
#3 - I can start to wear lace up foot wear (runners) if my foot swells while I'm in the shoes I can adjust the runners.
#4 - I can wear a tensor bandage while I'm in the runners but no brace (they want the ankle to regain strength not rely on a brace)
#5 - I can start some weight bearing exercises. (hurdles are out! as well as full on walking & taking the stairs)
#6 - Out patient physiotherapy will not start for another 4 weeks. ((sigh))

No out patient physio doesn't mean that I don't have work to do though. I worked with the physiotherapist after the surgeon saw me. I have a whole new repertoire of weight bearing exercises. Various things like transferring weight from one leg to another, placing my foot flat on the floor and bearing weight down from the knee etc. in total along with the non-weight bearing exercises that I'm still supposed to do I have twelve different exercises to do three times daily. Luckily for me... some of these can be done in the pool... so I'll be making my way down to the pool with Norbert in the evenings to work on my exercises and enjoy the hot tub afterward.

So here's the next photo, I'm standing on my foot, doing the weight transfer exercise... see how lovely and purple the foot is getting! Apparently that's normal, purple, red and swelling... how lucky am I? not only that but as a bonus prize, I also get to sport another hot new fashion... a toes to knee support stocking! LOL :) Literally, this stocking goes over my toes and all the way up to my knee... it's supposed to help reduce the swelling.... yeah right! I'll believe it when I see it.
So that's it in a nutshell... I'll keep you posted with my progress as I go along.


Jadranka said...

ohmigosh look at all that hardware..! thanks for the update, i've been wondering how you've been ! i know it's a long wait, but your physio will be along before you know it : )

Jan said...

Ouch!!!! I hope you're not in pain?!?! Glad you're getting up a little. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Sue said...

Ohh Izzy, going through security will never be the same again...maybe you should carry a photo of your hardware!
Glad you are progressing well though.
See you tomorrow!

Wendy said...

My goodness thats alot screws!!!

Please promise you will rest and heal properly! Purple is not a good color!!


Hayley G said...

Izzy you are the poor muffin with the trouble! What an ordeal. I'm really glad to see that you're making good progress, and I hope it goes smoothly for you. You have LOTS and LOTS of sympathy from me.

Iris said...

OMG - the xray really gives you a perspective on how bad a break it was....ouch. Glad to hear that you are making good progress on your recovery...see you tonight.

Sue C said...

Can't wait to go to the US with you when you are up to it!

Just imagine the fun we'll have at the border next time with all that metal.

Glad to hear you have a pool, it will help a lot with the exercises.

LMK when you'd like some company, I'll bring lunch!

Take it easy, my Friend,

Sue C

Kathy said...

Holy Hannah! Those are some screws! Really gives you a perspective on how badly that break was Izzy! I get shivers when I look at it! Was great seeing you last night and even better to see you getting around a little more. You're a real trooper girlfriend!