Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Go and No Stop - the weekend was busy!

My weekend was busy, but really fun!

Saturday - Diane came for some scrapbooking play time and sleepover. We didn"t spend the entire time scrapbooking though, we had other plans in between.

Our first stop .... the travel expo! We were checking out all the fabulous holiday options. She was looking for a family vacation and I was looking for DH and I.
Afterward we spent a little time scrapbooking before we had to get ready and head out to the Vancouver Music Festival Commemorative Concert.  VMFW is in it's 40th and final year and I've served on the committee for 8 years.  Here's some of the past and present committee members.
The concert was wonderful and we were back home by 9:30 pm and scrapbooked until late.  Then watched the Canada vs. Sweden Gold medal hockey game at 4:00am!
After the game, we watched the Olympic Closing Ceremonies and scrapbooked at the same time.  Diane made her way home around lunch time and I then got myself sorted and ready to go to my friend David's with Ann - we were teaching David how to make lasagne and meet his new kittens! So sweet! The Dutchess and The Princess are 5 months old now :)


I was home by 9pm and absolutely pooped! had an early start on Monday so I went to bed early! and that my friends was my weekend!

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Jo said...

wow! when did you sleep? or should i say did you sleep at all!