Saturday, March 01, 2014

Magical March

The start of all things new and fresh.... Spring is on the way and this is my Magical March!

Adjective: Magical
1. relating to, using, or resembling magic: magical healing powers
2. beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life: it was a magical evening of pure nostalgia 

What's on the calendar.... 

* The Tempest Replica (dance performance) 
* WhiteCaps season kicks off
* Deutsch Schule - final exam for Advanced Group A on the 13th and then (hopefully) get my certificate and graduate.  On to Advanced Group B .....
* Lots of social activities, dinners out and play days with friends!
* and the biggie for the month..... Off to see Shell in San Jose!

I'm looking forward to "springing the clocks ahead" on March 9th, more daylight, longer days :)
Spring is already in the air, the flowers are already peeking out, I saw some daffodils ready to burst and the rhododendron are in bloom in our courtyard garden.

Have a magical March!

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